WikiLink Dump: Agenda Style

Well, we haven’t done a link post in a wah-hile, so I thought instead of writing an obviously brilliant post about something completely brilliant, I’d just give you a break and drop these links on you.  Plus, of course, a bitchin’ MTV at the end.

I love BLDGBLOG, and you should, too.  Here’s one about the archaeology of urban plane crashes.  Ten points for making this relevant to our area.  Should be easy.

Maybe you would like to know who’s friends with whom on Teh FaceBooky.  Maybe you’d like to know who’s friends with the entire world.  Check this out.

This is exciting:  One of our favorite bloggers from one of our favorite blogs has an interview here.

I thought that this could be a summer project for me and Flea.  But  I guess that you can get in on it, too.

For my cousin, living in Teh Windy City:  Art scavenger hunts! Woot!

And for LB:  Horseradish and Ketchup (Catsup).

Okay.  That ought to sate you bastards for a day or so.  Plus, it ups our average.  Score!

Here’s a theme song for tomorrow.  Rock it:




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One Response to WikiLink Dump: Agenda Style

  1. Amy Dee says:

    Heard about this on the NPR last night. Thought you might like it.

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