Agenda Movie Club: Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Eli Craig


I’ve got this weird brain where I’m dumb as a post but I remember everything I’ve ever heard.

This movie played at Tallgrass a couple of years ago, and I didn’t catch it then, but watching it now I’m really proud that we played it there. I liked it a lot.

The first half of the movie is really inspired, turning the “teens go to the scary cabin and get killed by the hillbillies” on its head, and it’s genuinely funny. Super bloody, but funny. I’d say it has a little trouble sustaining its momentum in the second half, and gets a little bit dumb (I mean, it’s all dumb, but it’s less of the “fun” dumb) when the evil teen murderer subplot gets going. But I’m not actually complaining that much, because I still had fun with it, even when it wasn’t as strong.

Alan Tudyk is fun, covered in bee stings and supposedly the one who really knows what the ladies want, and Tyler Labine is far better than I ever would have thought he’d be after seeing him as a Jack Black knock-off in ‘Reaper.’

Totally worth watching, probably a nice double feature with Cabin In The Woods.

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2 Responses to Agenda Movie Club: Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

  1. Unka Joe says:

    Fun for the whole family. “kids started killing themselves all over my property!”

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