Agenda Movie Club: Dallas Buyers Club

Dallas Buyers Club

Jean-Marc Vallée


If I would have posted on this right after I saw it instead of being lazy, I would have said, “clearly Jared Leto will get an Oscar nomination, and could very well win. Matthew McConaughey could get one, too, it’s just the kind of ‘lost-a-lot-of-weight Oscar bait’ kind of role that gets nominated.”

Well, both of them did. And I don’t mean to minimize McConaughey’s performance, he’s very good and I don’t really have any problem with him getting nominated. I’m very glad he’s kind of figured out what he’s good at.

This is a good movie, partly because the protagonist is kind of a selfish dick, it’s not like he’s trying to help people just to help people (he turns plenty away who can’t pay). That makes it interesting. I imagine there’s plenty I didn’t notice, which I say after I was clued in that the brand of McConaughey’s jeans change depending on whether he’s doing well or down on his luck (like, he gets good jeans when he can afford them).

I always wonder how many stories from the early days of AIDS we don’t know. When I was a kid in school, it was “Ryan White.” But there are so many stories that are only now coming out, and so many stories and so much sadness that we’ll never hear. What a horrific time, for so many reasons.

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2 Responses to Agenda Movie Club: Dallas Buyers Club

  1. CMrok93 says:

    If anything, this movie is worth seeing for McConaughey and Leto as they truly do make the movie better, just by acting and doing their thing. Good review Fletch.

  2. Unka Joe says:

    Now I have some things to say at the dinner I am attending where I was supposed to have seen the movie already. I am going to say that thing about the jeans.

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