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This Guy is My New Hero

Or maybe not quite that strong, but even still, this is highly awesome.   Also, consider digging around his blog and finding the critical theory on Riff Raff.  I haven’t found much to disagree with, yet.  All other things there … Continue reading

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Dispatches From the Void

The singularity may be coming, but it’s going to look a lot messier than Kurzweil imagined, one thinks.  The clean-up on millions of rat brains hooked up to the internet is not something to be undertaken without some serious Purell.   … Continue reading

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In the Coming Weeks

Admittedly, we’ve been pretty spotty on the whole posting thing of late.  Here’s my plan for the near future: I’m going to do a series of blog “reviews”, which is just a shorthand for saying that I’m going to open … Continue reading

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Tell Me Again About Your Right to Bear Arms

And this time, say it like you mean it. I have absolutely no desire to be reasonable about my reaction to this shit.  I don’t want to hear about “responsible gun owners” or “law-abiding citizens” or “guns don’t kill people.” … Continue reading

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Because It’s the So-Called Season. Or Whatever.

Completely inspired by a sort-of project at another site I regularly troll, so here you go.  You guys (I don’t care which seven of you) send me your address, and I’ll send you something in the mail.  Who knows what … Continue reading

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There’s That

Apparently, both of my blog accounts got hijacked last week, and I had been “posting” about money-making surveys.  Awesome.  Or half-awesome.  Because who the fuck clicks on that stuff?  My grandparents are dead, so I know it’s not them. Wouldn’t … Continue reading

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I Also Hate Christmas and Puppy Dogs

Big surprise.  But, once again, it’s Veteran’s Day here in Amercia, and once again, my Facebook feed is filled with platitudes and more jingo than you can fit into a standard-issue rucksack.  My first instinct is always to go full-asshole … Continue reading

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